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Relevant R&D

Relevant R&D is an excellent resource for those of us running research and development organizations.  Dr. Gary Mastin has decades of experience in such organizations and shares his insights in a very illuminating and organized manner through this website.  It is a blog worthy of subscription. 



Neva Ridge, in coordination with the University of California, Santa Cruz, has developed a versatile 3d point cloud viewer called Slugview.  The program reads in generic (user defined) point clouds files, can view multiple files at the same time, allows for real-time 3D visualization and manipulation, can threshold points on two different user defined point-by-point quality parameters and much more.  If you use point clouds this is an indispensable tool.   The software is based on JAVA and can be run in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux environments.  Best of all, the product is free!


SAR and InSAR Processing

Neva Ridge Technologies is both a user and re-seller of Gamma Remote Sensing software tools. The Gamma SAR processor and Interferometric SAR processor are the most advanced and versatile SAR tools on the market today. Support for all commercial SAR systems is provided.

Neva Ridge is the authorized distributor for Gamma Remote Sensing in the United States.

Contact us to find out why you should consider ordering your Gamma products through us.


Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift/Touch and Firefox

Neva Ridge is pioneering exploitation of SAR Point Clouds using Virtual Reality. By combining multi-modal data for context we are able to provide a unique immersive experience that enhances data understanding.

Contact us to receive an xml access pass to the VR site.