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Ground Motion Mapping

The Operational Subsidence Monitoring component of Neva Ridge is involved in all aspects of producing high fidelity InSAR-derived deformation measurements.  Neva Ridge has relationships with all of the SAR system space agencies and data providers and routinely acquires data, tasks new collections and plans general approaches for monitoring a variety of deformation phenomena.  Customer applications include mining and mineral extraction, fluid extraction, landslide detection, infrastructure risk, detection of ground motion due to tunneling, input for subsurface flow models, and for detection of buried faults.


Data Supported

We utilize SAR data in our Services from a wide variety of currently operating sources including:

  • TerraSAR-X
  • TanDEM-X
  • Cosmo-SkyMed
  • Sentinel-1
  • PALSAR-2
  • Legacy ESA, CSA, JAXA and NASA missions
  • Many airborne SAR systems

Don't see the system you're interested in?  Chances are we can utilize that data as well.  Just ask us in an email.

            SAR Interferometry provides ground motion maps sensitive to less than 1 cm of motion

            SAR Interferometry provides ground motion maps sensitive to less than 1 cm of motion

SAR System Engineering

Neva Ridge has many years of experience in understanding SAR sensor technology and exploitation systems.   This can include establishing performance requirements or determining expected SAR performance.  Determination of the appropriate trade-offs between resolution, image coverage, power consumption, data rates, image sensitivities are but a few areas we can assist interested parties. 


Neva Ridge can provide on-site classes on SAR technology.  Education can be done one-on-one or small groups, or within large lecture halls.  Classes range from an hour long seminar to multi-day (3 to 5 day) classes.  Topics include History of Radar, Fundamentals of Radar and SAR, and Advanced SAR Techniques. 

Expert Witness

Remote sensing technologies, including SAR, are now valuable tools for resolution of legal issues.  Neva Ridge can provide experienced expert witness services for those who need to understand or explain SAR technology, and can also provide interpretation and analysis of acquired SAR imagery within a court room.  We can also assist in plans for acquisition of new SAR data to achieve specific legal goals.

Data Acquisition Planning

Need help putting together a SAR data collection plan?  What resolution is required?  How much coverage and how frequently do you need data?  What about geometry -- should you look steeply from the east, or moderately from the west.  Do you need the data to be coherent?  We can help.  Talk to us about what systems might be available and how they can be best and most economically tasked to meet your data gathering requirements. 


SAR/InSAR Processing

Neva Ridge Technologies is both a user and re-seller of Gamma Remote Sensing software tools.  The Gamma SAR processor and Interferometric SAR processor are the most advanced and versatile SAR tools on the market today.  Click here for more information in the Links page.



Neva Ridge has developed a sophisticated GUI that controls the Gamma Remote Sensing SAR and Inteferometric SAR processing.  This tool also supports and integrates Neva Ridge's Interferometric Time-Series Analysis (ITSA) software that executes a proprietary implementation of Permanent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI)




Interferometric Time-Series Analysis is Neva Ridge's proprietary implementation of Permanent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI).  ITSA supports collections from all spaceborne SAR systems and produces an unusually dense and refined set of permanent scatterer points representing long-term target motions.


Example output from one PS via ITSA PSI processing

Example output from one PS via ITSA PSI processing

ITSA Viewer

Results from ITSA processing consist of a large number of multi-dimensional point measurements.  Each ITSA point has information regarding that location's rate of motion (in mm/year), refined elevation estimate, corrected atmospheric contamination and confidence metric.  The ITSA Viewer's visualization capabilities and real-time thresholds placed on various parameters makes interpretation and analysis of the results intuitive.  Once culled, all of the filtered data may be stored locally for off-line user analysis.

ITSA Viewer using TerraSAR-X data stack (Staring Spotlight Mode)

ITSA Viewer using TerraSAR-X data stack (Staring Spotlight Mode)